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Art frequently consists of simultaneous deference 

to contradicting demands

Roger Caillois


Graphic art, being the art practice in which multiplication and existence of artwork in many copies are immanent, as it is art of multioriginal, this presents a determining trait, however it is completely void of meaning and reduced to simple presence. Graphic technique, at one time a key point in the identity of artistic discipline, or at least its part that refers to form, has been relegated to the background.

New media, which brought about quick and easy production of visual content, as well as position of art that is not firmly established, result in the fact that the multiplication by printing lost its former purpose, as multiplication becomes a potential, whereby technique is just a means of production of visual expression, aiming to become an artwork. Today, graphic art is mostly examining of boundaries of graphic media, nature of graphic art itself, its connection to its own, rich historical heritage and its current role in the artworld.  

The artist Gabrijela Bulatović and it is important to state – graphic artist, by creating in the field of print medium, succeeds in simultaneously deferring to the contradicting demands, deliberately countering the principle of multiplication. A conscious decision to approach her own work in this manner is deeply connected with what the artists calls basic poetic thread and a spark that initiates creative process – an act of creation of a man, creation of life within a cell, birth and growth of a baby and gradual development of an adult person within it…. Gabrijela Bulatović continues to use the matrix, its supposedly unique result of the work and prerequisite of the art of multioriginal after the printing process, turning it into new composition, similar to the prints, yet significantly different from it 

All the while, by repeating the same procedure, she is creating a matrix that is not to be printed, as she builds the aura around it characterized by "Here and Now of the artwork – its single existence on the place where it is found"1 and draws a parallel between her uniqueness and uniqueness in creating of a person. Gabrijela Bulatović,s art is outcome of her life, a reaction to a relatively small environment in which she operates, as well as her own preoccupations. In her microworld, an egg is a particular ancient symbol, embryo out of which a world develops, something external, predestined … What is being given to the hands for creation. Life, art….

The need to speak, to express feeling and thoughts, was strong enough to lead to the decision to reject the basic principle of the discipline. This new form, on its own level, sprung out of printmaking, yet it is completely different from it, asserting that the artist "does not see a burden within tradition, but …. […] tool for recognition of the present, […] an impulse, enabling her to maintain the contact with her roots and inciting her to reach new goals".2 

In the works of Gabrijela Bulatović "form and essence" are "touching each other so closely that they are being evoked and undistinguishable from each other".3 As both of them, according to the artist, present an attempt to communicate with the part of herself that is doing the refining. 

Vladimir Ranković


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