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Taida Jašarević Hefford



About the works of Taida Jašarević

On the exhibition Constellations, the author is presenting works created in the past several years, which were grouped in the following cycles: Another World, Above the Surface, Sky, Stars and Sleepers, Perfect Balance. The works displayed on this exhibition encompass several research fields within graphic art: semantics of the graphic form and processes involved in creation and transformation of an image, the relationship between material and space, graphic form and installation, as well as communication between a work and a spectator, depending on the nature of space in which this communication takes place. By examining the themes of identity and sense of belongings, Taida Jašarević enters the visual research in the wider framework of graphic medium, as well in the context of contemporary tendencies (influence of electronic media, proliferation of movable/digital images and their omnipresent impact on the print medium). 

With the decision to express herself through the medium of print and creation of a mold as the starting point of her research – the base, Jašarević develops complex approaches and concepts aimed at more liberal interpretation of the attribute defining print medium. 

In the works displayed on this exhibition, the author investigates the issue of identity through processes of transformation of graphic image. The relationship between the image and identity is translated into the relationship between technique and material, graphic techniques and translucent attributes of Japanese paper. By examining the expressive potentials of classical techniques and digital technologies, as well as their overlapping, new dimensions in the process of creation of the image are discovered. 

“The artist tries to convey the meanings that evade the gaze by questioning the very process of creation and transformation of the image. Images collected from various sources, such as electronic microscopes, internet, photo camera, video clips, drawings are recreated by using of computer software. The layers are overlapping, they are building complex compositions and opening spaces for new and unexpected affects and interpretations.” 

Branka Vujanović


Taida Jašarević Hefford (Sarajevo, 1979), graduated on the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo from the Department of Graphic Arts in 2002. As a recipient of the scholarship of Japanese government, she completed her MA and PhD on Joshibi University for Arts and Design in Japan. 

Docent on the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje, University of Eastern Sarajevo. She participated on many exhibitions (solo, collective and selected by jury) in the country and abroad, including biennials and triennials of graphic arts in Poland, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan and China. The distinguished awards include those from Third Biennial of Print in Guanlan, Triennial in Krakow, Belgrade and Taiwan, as well as the prize of the Association for Graphic Art in Japan. She has been participating actively on the international symposia and conferences. Her works are included in collections worldwide, some were published in more than thirty different catalogues, magazines and journals, among them Age of Print (Japan), Light/Matter (Canada/USA), Decoding: Contemporary Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Australia). 


Web: http://taidajasarevic.com