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Mirjana Pjevac, SPACE MAPS



Space Maps represent a collection of multimedia works realized through unconventional methods of mapping of spaces, away from traditional forms of cartography. Those unorthodox „maps“ are not only rejecting traditional cartographic view, but include mapping of the place through the perspective with several aspects, thus developing a dialogue with the space. These works do not want to reproduce space exclusively as a form, yet they want to achieve truer, more precise and detailed expressions. The space surrounding us should not be experienced superficially; instead it should lead to more sincere and detailed visual documentation and sensation. This way, the work becomes a visual documentation of space, our own thoughts and feelings. By representing space as an abstract form, finding its focus in the surface, texture, details and colours, Space Maps creates an impression and abstraction of space/landscape, visual documentation of space and time. Control over mapping of space, by means of artistic creation, is intertwined with our movement through space, more precisely, situations in nature that we cannot affect, as space and nature should neither be tamed or their changes can be stopped. Those factors of lack of control over space and factors of artistic creation through careful selected and controlled experience are vital for sincerity and spontaneity of expression of these works. A person is not just a witness and a spectator, one becomes a part of the work by looking at it, the same way I, as an artist, became a part of my own work and space, which I am a witness to. That space represents a space of creation and inspiration during my studies. The space through which I passed numerouss times, without noticing details, as well as the space I will forget over the years, in a manner of saying goodbye to it. This is the space of Art Academy in Osijek, which is rich in landscape visual senations, associated with spaces along the banks of river Drava. They create visual documents, which remain unchanged both in my mind and in my artwork, whereby  in real time and space, it changes, it is created and it disappeares. The transience of feeling, as well transcience of time and space around me is exactly what I want to achieve with my work, the way the world affects me and the way I am trying to maintain this feeling and memory of the space. Visual works do not represent the space the way it is in its entirety, it stems from experience and relation of nature with this experience. By reducing the entire experience in particular space to a simple, spontaneous mark, imprint of space preserved in the artwork.

In this manner, artwork becomes the combination of thoughts, movements and spatial changes, whereby movement becomes a thought process. It is a kind of conciousness of my own experience, with the full focus on sensations and visual documentation, gathered in the course of walking. This kind of relationship of the artist towards mapping and space makes the artist clearly see and feel its surroundings and become more aware of himself.

Pjevac Mirjana


Mirjana Pjevac was born in Vinkovci in 1993. After graduating from Vinkovci High School, she enrolled into Art Academy in Osijek, at the Department for Visual Culture. In June 2019, she completed her studies at the Graphic Art module, under the mentorship of Mario Čaušić. She displayed her work on several international exhibitions. Along with print making, she is interested in photography and illustration. She is a recipient of the prize of Art Academy for the best student in 2015/2016. She lives and works in Vinkovci