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Kamil Kocurek i Dominjik Vlodarek - THE POWER OF INTAGLIO


Kamil Kocurek and Dominik Wlodarek are artists printmakers and teachers of  the Department of Graphics at the Academy of  Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. They specialize in intaglio printmaking technique and are interested in making a large-scale artworks. In spite of their different experience and background their prints seem to complement each other. They are emerging artists creating some new trends in Polish graphic art scene.


Kamil Kocurek

My prints are the materialization of an envisioned concept which consolidates struggles and experiences with intaglio print, based on a cycle referring to the phenomenon of war and the media.

The origin of my all prints and the concept behind them stem from my personal interests. I draw inspiration from news and the media world, reworking them in my own way. In the face of global terrorist threat, war and conflicts I want to address issues that I consider important. I create a specific space to express my fears, fascinations and interests, and then provoke and determine the form of my visual response. The vision of my prints is intended to express the problem of identifying war with games and play, resulting in illusory isolation of an individual from the danger of reality. The form of my works refers to the phenomenon of unreality defining the war, a metaphorical battlefield, simulated space set in contemporary times. The austere style I use comes from the inspiration with digital image creation and composition, modular systems, the illusion of depth, location in a fluid and open space. Application of  a particular perspective and going beyond the sheet of paper create an impression typical of multimedia-based activities with their unlimited possibilities of image creation.


Dominik Wlodarek

In my artistic research I use mainly the intaglio graphic techniques, such as aquatint, etching, engraving and dry point, as well as the carborundum printmaking technique, which plays a very important role in my process of creation of a large scale graphic prints. The carborundum colagraphy technique is based on painting on the surface of the metal plate with the layers of mixture of carborundum grains and gesso acrylic medium. In this way, additional gray tones and elements of relief texture can be obtained on the graphic print, similar to those that may arise as a result of long term etching of the metal plates in nitric acid. The possibility of obtaining a rich graphic structure by developing both concave and slightly convex forms on a metal plate is a starting point for creating graphic works inspired by the landscape.

The place, where I live plays a very important role to me as a starting point for my creativity. I like to show some places in the city, where people are passing by everyday without even noticing it… from the other side, in my recent works I try to focus on the historical aspect and some important places in Gdansk, Poland, which is my new hometown from about seven years. Before, that I spent eight years in Helsinki, Finland, where I created a several site-specific printmaking installations. The abandoned advertising glass boxes or the front windows of the art galleries seem to be the perfect places for that kind of activity.


Kamil Kocurek, born in Tychy, Poland in 1990. He finished High School of Arts in Katowice in 2010. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His diploma was obtained in the Intaglio Studio of Prof. Jan Szmatloch in 2015 and he was awarded a medal and honorary mention. After graduation he joined the academic staff in the Faculty of Graphics in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in Poland. He works in Basics of Artistic Graphics Studio of Prof. Magdalena Hanysz Stefanska. He is the winner of over 15 international awards and recognitions.

Dominik Wlodarek, born in 1976 in Lodz, Poland. Lives and works in Gdansk, Poland. The graduate of the Visual Education Department of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, (M.A. degree, 2002) and the Printmaking Department of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland (M.A. degree, 2010). In between X 2007 and II 2008 he studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. The author of eight solo exhibitions in Finland and five in Poland. He took part in a numerous group exhibitions in Poland, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus China and Japan. The member of Polish Artists Association, Finnish Printmakers Union and Helsinki Artists Association.

In the year 2019 he received the Rector of Academy of Fine Arts Award at the Gdansk Art Biennial, held in the Gdansk City Gallery and the First Prize in printmaking & drawing category at the 3rd Pomeranian Art Triennial at the National Gallery of Art in Sopot, Poland.

Since November 2012 works as an intaglio printmaking teacher at the Printmaking Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In the year 2018 he completed the PhD in Fine Arts.