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PRINTS, Maja Gajić


A Sketch About a Sketch

The inspiration for work, whether it is material I use or choice of visual elements, included in the final visual product, I find in nature, more specifically in wood. The generosity of this material, which encouraged me to make series of paintings and objects, brought about a desire to study my creative process in print, using just sketching approach. The drawings that turned into prints, using silkscreen technique, were created using charred wood, according to the motive of a tree as an organism. I make my own coal sticks and paper created out of tree bark. For this purpose, I find necessary material in the forrest, gathering parts of it, at the same time looking at it and transforming it into abstract drawings, which are used for creation of paintings and prints.

Every final, representative art work consists of many such choices and processes. They are very delicate, as they contribute so that    each, even the smallest change in any stage of the work, completely alters the appearance of what was in the end declared as „finished“ products and displayed as such. In the attempt to point out the importance of creative process (thinking, observing, gathering information, as well as materials, followed by sketching, studying and researching), I created a series of works, I am presenting in combination with various working stages, in the form of a print, wishing not to mistfy or perhaps hide, the process itself from the viewer, but instead provide a more concrete experience of final visual result. In the process of sketching, painting or making of objects, I photograph and take note of various phases in the process of creation, whereby I try to recognize the coincidences that naturally occur. This approach opens up a possibility that when something I did not consider or anticipate, I includelater in my work or I use for later inspiration. This is when I need a note to remind me of the original idea or a phase that would bring me to a different path. Print, because of opportunities granted by the edition and disassembling of sections as layers of an image, allows these phases to remain as they are in the form of a document standing on its own. 

Maja Gajić


Maja Gajić was born in 1991 in Novi Sad.

She is a Ph.D. candidate on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she graduated and completed her master thesis in 2015.

She completed a photography course Migration on the Summer Arts Academy in Salzburg. In 2016, she was on a residential visit in Graphic base in Guanlan in China and in 2018 in Graphic atelier AGALAB in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She had three solo exhibitions and participated on over 60 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

A recipient of several prizes and scholarships.