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Prof. Sławomir Witkowski, Gdanjsk, Poland


The extract from the text by Karol Lewalski

The exhibition shows the distinctness and diversity of particular disciplines of this field of art. It also aims to present today,s condition of Polish graphic art by focusing on the Pomerania region and its representatives affiliated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Nine proud representatives of the land of sea and woods are going to present in their works five different graphic techniques. Despite having come from the same circle, their repertoire is truly diverse. At the forefront – Dean of the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Professor Sławomir Witkowski. Esteemed artist, co-founder of art movements, and promoter of modern graphic forms, at this exhibition he is going to present a digital graphic work. Doctor Łukasz Butowski, specializing in both manual graphic arts and graphic design, this time is going to invite the viewers to familiarize themselves with lithography, and Patrycja Podkościelny is going to present graphic works created using her own technique. Karol Lewalski and Ola Prusinowska are going to show expressive and full of life linocuts Kuba Zając, artist creating works in the spirit of postmodernism, and the Beautiful Katarzyna Łukasik – the screen printing technique, and Dominik Włodarek and Kamil Kocurek, repeatedly awarded for his works in Poland and abroad – etching.

Artists presenting their graphic works at the exhibition constitute a group of creators appreciated by the critics, inspiring, and at the same time mature and innovative, who could have never met if it wasn,t for the Gdańsk academic circle. The exhibition in Belgrade is a chance for them to join forces and together present the power of Polish graphic art. This pentathlon covers a diverse range of topics and refers to various views and emotions, but the common denominator for all artists presenting their works is undoubtedly the pursuit of mythical perfection.