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One day in Capri, oil paintings


September, in Naples, eternal city of Pompeii of the contrast between poor neighbourhoods and luxury of Italy that we imagine, history on every street corner, from ancient old Greek influences to the facades of old Rome, shift between rain and sunny end of the summer.

While roaming these picturesque streets, I am thinking whether I,ll have time to go to Capri. Perhaps, tomorrow. Coming from Serbia, the burden of the life in the country on the margin is visible. Still, I am drawn to curiosity, so I stand in line for the boat. Unusually long line provoked the resourceful spirit and by talking to tourists, I managed to buy a ticket in within reasonable time frame. The cabin, whose glass is blurred from salt and great waves lulling the boat, intensified the feeling of uncertainty and expectation. We arrive at Marina Grande, the biggest port on the island. The sea, remarkably turquoise on the whole island, invited me to come into the water.  I brought my diving equipment; I did not want to lose any part of the impression. I dived out with two octopuses, starfish, great pen shells and turquoise towel with the name Capri written on it and price tag still attached, then went to white pebble beach and curious swimmers gathered around me. It was as though I got out of the sea to the red carpet, older ladies with a dozen selfie sticks photographed my catch, wondering at the riches of the underwater world. I only returned starfish and the shells to the water. I used the gondola to climb to the top of Capri, passing narrow streets and passages I reached accidently the other, Southern side of the island, the small terrace on the rock above the abyss – the cave over which a view spreads out to the famous images from the most beautiful postcards, three rocks rising out of the sea, called Faraglioni. Fragrant air from the magic gardens of surrounding villas with pine trees, smell of the sea and the scene before me kept me so long on this spot that I almost missed the last boat. Instead to Sorrento, which was my starting point, I found the boat that brought me, as a stowaway, directly to marina Castel Mare di Sabio, a part of Naples, where my hotel was located. I disembarked in front of the restaurant, where I dined several times and asked them that along with ordered prawns, grappa barique and glass of Montepulciano; they also prepare my catch – two octopuses from Capri. The trip was fruitful and inspiring. For the next six months, I only painted Capri.

Zoran Graovac


(Belgrade, 1965) holds BA (1990) and MA (1993) degrees in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has been a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 1991. His artistic engagement comprises painting, paper manufacturing, graphics, mosaics, and researching correlations between technology and art. The artist has displayed his works of art  at 14 solo  and over 150 of group exhibitions  held in the country and abroad. Doctor of Fine Arts (2013). Zoran Graovac is full-time professor of painting and mosaic at the Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade. He was head of Department of painting at the Faculty of Fine Art (2006-2009), appointed vice-dean of the Faculty of Fine Art (2010-2014), dean (2011). Currently Director of Center for Grafic Arts and Visual Researches  “Akademia“.