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HOMOBOTANICUS, Agnieszka Cieslinska, Poland


Homobotanicus is a series of works showing a fragment of the natural world in which flowers, leaves, seeds are transformed into a new phantasmagoric species of beings, changing their form and matter. Endowed with human qualities, the plants make us aware of beauty, harmony, but also the intelligence of the nature that surrounds us. In the struggle for survival and existence, the world of nature uses various methods, maintaining the unchanging logic of action, just as it happens in the world of people.

The inspiration to create the Homobotanicus series of prints was Hortus Eystettensis Book of Plants - an extraordinary collection of engravings about flowers grown in Eichstatt, the largest 16th-century German garden. Quoting, pasting fragments of old engravings in the compositions of my works, results from the desire to become part of the continuum of cultural image tradition. It is a kind of eclecticism that is so characteristic of our times. Maybe it is just a fascination with the aesthetics of past centuries, and maybe something more? Emphasizing cultural identity or seeking values and authorities. Or maybe discovering the perfect, beautiful form.

The method of work on the project was based largely on the collage technique that frees the imagination and allows you to freely create fanciful forms. Homobotanicus pieces were realized mainly in the classical techniques of printmaking, in which I use the painterly potential of the graphic matrix. Touching the print with paint, the process of preparing the matrix and its multiple imprinting, give my works unique texture.

Agnieszka Cieslinska


Agnieszka Cieslinska (b. 1964) Professor of Visual Arts; graphic artist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1991; currently runs a studio at the Department of Printmaking of the Warsaw Academy. Winner of a number of national and international awards; including Kochi International Triennial Awards Exhibition of Prints 2006, (Japan), the Award of the Naka-Tosa Museum of Art 2009, (Japan);  2016 President of the Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Grants and Prizes Foundation; Board Member of SMTG Krakow; Member of the juries of national and international competitions; Curator of print exhibitions, including Curator of IMPRINT International Graphic Arts Triennial in Warsaw, (Poland).

 “ For many years now I have focused on figuration, on the observation of the human figure and its transformations. In the process of creating a print I use traditional metal printing techniques. I combine several matrices prepared in different techniques”.