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Branka Kuzmanović DIS/POSITIONS





The video REVERZIBIL-smsub (Reversible-smsub) and the series Dispozicije (Dispositions) came out of an extensive creative process before, during and after the exhibition Interstice. All three areas of engagement represent an expression of investigative endeavours which can be found, at least partially, in other prints at this exhibition. In that way, the reference framework of Interstice remains open for an observer to interpret the position of each of the exhibited prints. In addition, although there is necessarily no chronological order or no temporal unity, each print can be observed retrospectively.

Interstice was composed structurally as an ambience interactive installation. Due to a line of its facets, kaleidoscopically shifted flows, it deformed any discernible form. In the generated network, Interstice was all within the limits and its diagonals dominated moving forwards and backwards, or back – forth motions as Bruno Latour would say. They invaded space. They could connect with one another in the human mind in order to overcome the human body, thus leaving their mark in our mind. Getting attached to its shifting memory strongholds and to other actors in Interstice, they were looking for the midpoint of the human perception.

Looking from today,s perspective, spaces as places for re-conceptualising do not understand mere presence of elements or objects. They understand generating interaction between themselves, beings, ideas, association...Thus, Interstice, functioning as a polyvalent group of characters in motion, established itself through its engagement in time and, by setting its open structure, it enabled future metaphorical dislocations. One of those represents the very exhibition DIS/POSITIONS. 

Branka Kuzmanovic


BRANKA KUZMANOVIĆ graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Arts in Belgrade, in 1994. She finished her MA studies three years later and obtained her PhD degree in 2013.

She worked at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade from 1996 to 1998. She has been teaching at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade since 1998.

Branka Kuzmanović started to exhibit her works of art in 1992 and has been engaged in various projects on visual culture within and outside the University of Arts in Belgrade. 

This artist has been a member of ULUS since 1995. She was also a member of the Board of the Belgrade Youth Centre Gallery from 2000 till 2002 and the Board of the Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches Akademija at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade from 2010 till 2013. 

She has won various awards and fellowships. Her works of art can be found in numerous public and private collections such as: Art Gallery in Kruševac, the National Museum in Kruševac, Radio and Television of Serbia, Križanka Centre in Ljubljana, Art Gallery Nadežda Petrović in Čačak, the Film Centre of Serbia, Telenor, the City Museum of Belgrade, the Archives of Serbia, the Zepter Museum, the Centre for Graphic Arts & Visual Researches Akademija at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade etc.